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Employee turnover is one of the costliest issues an organization can face. It’s also one of the most preventable. With so many possible reasons for turnover, and most of them being unique to your organization, you need a way to accurately capture these reasons on an ongoing basis from your entire workforce. It is also critical to know which specific employees have issues so they can be addressed before they end up leaving your organization. Traditional, once-a-year, anonymous surveys don’t cut it.

The Main Causes of Turnover

No Contact
Little or no contact with and feedback from new employees
No Awareness
Lack of awareness of employee issues and concerns
Insufficient understanding of organizational weaknesses

We Connect, Inform, and Deliver Results

WeCare Connect helps minimize employee turnover by connecting with your employees at key intervals, and on an ongoing basis, to find out what’s causing them to consider leaving. We collect non-anonymous feedback so we can immediately notify you of any potential issues. As a result, you are able to intervene with that specific employee before they get frustrated and decide to quit. This creates an immediate impact to the employee, your culture, and your overall retention rates.

Focus Areas

  • Pre-Hire
  • New Employee
  • Existing Employee
  • Resigned/Terminated

Key milestones

  • 2 Weeks from Hire
  • 45 Days from Hire
  • 75 Days from Hire
  • 6 Months from Hire
  • Biannually
  • Upon Resignation/Termination

By utilizing several communication methods and attempts, including email, text, phone, and our mobile app, we consistently achieve 85%+ connection rates.

Our clients have experienced up to 15% reduction in turnover in the first 3 months.

Mobile App

Included with our solution is the WeCare Connect mobile app. It provides the following great features:
  • Easy Survey Completion
  • On Demand Feedback
  • Insta Polls (Pulse Surveys)
  • Peer Recognition

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Mobile App

Viewing Your Data

Because WeCare Connect captures so much valuable data for your organization, it is critical to present it in a clear and meaningful way. We do this by utilizing two powerful reporting methods and allowing you to benchmark against our extensive peer data.

1. Wizard based Survey Reports

These easy to use, customizable reports allow you to view any and all survey questions and responses.

2. WeCare Connect Insights

These comprehensive dashboards pull together several responses and attributes of your staff into easy to digest, color-coded information that reflects the overall health of your workforce. There are several dashboards focusing on key areas such as:
  • Survey Effectiveness
  • Notification Management

  • Overall Workforce Health
  • Recruiting
  • Supervisor Proficiency
  • Perceived Culture
  • Turnover
  • Compliance
  • App Employee Satisfaction
  • App Notifications
  • App Survey Effectiveness
  • App Well Equiped
  • App Workforce Health

3. Peer Data

Built right into both of our reporting methods is the ability for you to benchmark your organization against our national peer data aggregate of more than 120,000 employees.

“We have found WeCare Connect to be a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for our staff surveys. We simply upload a file of hires (or terminations) and they do the rest. Our connection rates average 87%, in part because they reach out to employees via email, text, and phone. They send us email notifications immediately on any negative comments allowing us the opportunity to follow up with the employee and often times salvage the relationship. I initially questioned the fact that survey responses are not anonymous; however, it hasn’t kept employees from sharing their opinions at all. I really like that we know exactly who is saying what, so we can go have a conversation about the person’s feedback—they feel like we’re listening more, and we’re hearing a LOT more from our new hires than ever before.”

Pam Loveless, HR Director & Corporate Compliance Officer
St. Camillus, WI

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