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A Case Study

How Tabitha used WeCare Connect to reduce new hire attrition


Tabitha is Nebraska’s first and only comprehensive line of Senior Care services. With 9 locations and over 900 employees, Tabitha looked for a way to connect with new employees to provide them an outlet to share feedback. They knew that if they connected successfully with employees, it would improve retention, engagement and culture.

Similar to many other senior living organizations, they struggled with new hire attrition in particular. Tabitha realized something had to change in order to reduce 90 day turnover from current levels of 25%.

WeCare Impact

Beginning in August 2018, Tabitha implemented WeCare Connect’s surveys for new hires and termed employees with the intent to stop new hires from leaving in their first 90 days.

Within three months of implementing WeCare Connect, Tabitha saw 90 day turnover rates plummet from 25% to 12%.

The surveys provided HR leadership with the data to improve the onboarding process and new hire experience. The non-anonymous nature of the surveys gave them the ability to identify and address the concerns of each employee that was at-risk of attrition.

The results were better than they had hoped.

“WeCare Connect has absolutely saved Tabitha money in the long run. There is no doubt about that. Especially the cost of new hire turnover, going from almost 25% to under 12% in the first 90 days has been critical. We know the investment that goes into a new employee in those first 90 days, simply saving that many employees through improving our onboarding process has saved us a ton of money.”

Katie Lechner, Chief Operating Officer