How It Works

At WeCare Connect we believe communication must be two-way, not one-way. Gathering data is a great first step, but it’s what you do with it and how quickly you respond that makes all the difference.

What You Can Do

Easily track and resolve all issues
Utilize dynamic wizard-based reports to view survey questions and responses
Leverage our Insights dashboards to view the overall health of your workforce and customer base

Step by Step

  • You simply enter a customer or employee into WeCare Connect (Auto data integration available)
  • We connect with them via phone, email, text, and/or mobile app
  • All responses and information are stored in our proprietary cloud platform
  • Key customer or employee issues trigger an instant email to the right person so it can addressed
  • All issues are tracked, managed, and resolved in our solution
  • Easily view all data through survey response reports and Insights dashboards

Viewing Your Data

Because WeCare Connect captures so much valuable data for your organization, it is critical to present it in a clear and meaningful way. We do this by utilizing two powerful reporting methods and allowing you to benchmark against our extensive peer data.

1. Wizard based Survey Reports

These easy to use, customizable reports allow you to view any and all survey questions and responses.

2. WeCare Connect Insights

These series of comprehensive dashboards pull together several responses and attributes of your staff and customers into easy to digest, color-coded information that reflects the overall health of your workforce and customer base. There are several dashboards focusing on key areas such as:
  • Survey Effectiveness
  • Notification Management
  • Overall Workforce and Customer Health
  • App Employee Satisfaction
  • App Notifications
  • App Survey Effectiveness
  • App Well Equiped
  • App Workforce Health

3. Peer Data

Built right into both of our reporting methods is the ability for you to benchmark your organization against our national peer data aggregate of tens of thousands of customers and employees.

“We have been a customer of WeCare Connect for over a year and we are extremely happy with the product. We love how we can customize the program to fit our needs based on which questions we want to ask, report writing options, and the ability to connect with our employees through both email and phone. Because the surveys are ongoing through out the year, we get immediate feedback, and are empowered to address employee concerns quickly. Our HR department can now help individual supervisors determine which areas need support, and which areas need congratulations. There is a reporting dashboard that shows us at a glance what the current health of the organizations is, and even helps us identify areas where employees are potentially ready to resign, and where they are most likely to stay. They help us achieve our goal of retaining employees by creating a workplace where we show our employees that we care. Their customer service and customization are unmatched by other similar products; we will be customers for years to come.”

Christopher Nichols, Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer
The Wesley Communities, OH

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