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“The instant feedback WeCare Connect provides us is invaluable in staying connected and intervening when necessary with our discharged patients. It ensures we are successful with our rehab program and helps monitor and reduce re-hospitalizations. We love being able to share the data metrics with our internal staff, as well as our external referral sources. The access to the information through the reporting feature is wonderful. I like the ability to view our data in a variety of ways and compare it with other LeadingAge member SNF's.”

Tricia Neary, VP of Marketing & Development
Lutheran Life Villages, IN

“ABHM took a big step forward when shifting from a standard, yearly customer satisfaction survey to a quarterly phone call to talk with our residents about the care they are receiving from us. We've found that we enjoy the timeliness of being able to hear what our customers are saying, both in the areas of satisfaction and opportunities, as well as the immediacy with which we can respond to any concern they may share with us. The Insights Dashboard gives us the ability to have a benchmark to compare ourselves to other like organizations which we appreciate immensely.”

Shanna Eckberg, Chief Operating Officer
American Baptist Homes of the Midwest, MN

“WeCare Connect keeps us connected to our rehab patients after they go home and immediately makes us aware of any potential issues allowing us to directly intervene and improve recovery outcomes. One of the best parts of WeCare Connect is that it allows us to track and manage these individuals remotely from our offices.”

Kendra Urdzik, President & CEO
Judson Services, OH

“We love the immediacy of notifications regarding potential issues and providing us the ability to promptly follow up. Through the use of WeCare Connect resolutions and reporting, we have increased our staff's efficiency and effectiveness by consistently knowing who is responding to issues and what action has been taken. Our Pay for Performance partners have appreciated and value the quality and satisfaction reports we are automatically able to generate and share with them. We have seen so much value that we are now also using WeCare Connect to capture Employee feedback.”

Director of Quality Improvement
Clark-Lindsey, IL

“WesleyLife implemented WeCare Connect to measure and impact our retention and engagement efforts. The software is easy to use and implement. The WeCare Connect team provides exceptional training and service and their responsiveness is top-notch. We particularly appreciate the intuitive nature of the system, the reporting capabilities, and our ability to look from a total organizational perspective as well as drill into specific locations and/or departments. The tool helps us more effectively and quickly identify and address issues at both an individual and an organizational level. WeCare Connect gets our highest recommendation as a workforce and leadership tool!”

Kristy VanDerWiel, VP of People & Culture
WesleyLife, IA

“We are very pleased with our WeCare Connect program. After just a few months, we have already seen individual cases where we were able to retain employees that I believe we would have lost prior to implementing WeCare Connect.

We have had two incidences where CNA’s have felt that the wing they originally chose to work on was not a good fit for them. They said that in their survey, and because the surveys are not anonymous, I made the DON aware, and they chose a new wing and are still with us today. I truly believe prior to the survey they would have kept their feelings in, and then would have just walked out the door one night and never returned.

We also had a porter that had some very strong feedback about our workload expectations and his training. His supervisor met with him immediately, they came up with a plan for more training, and moved him to a different area of the building that is not as busy. He is also still with us today and now is extremely happy with his job and glad he came to work for us.

These are just a few examples of the great things we have already seen happen with the program.

We are very pleased with the program.”

Elizabeth Parsons, Director of Human Resources
Fort Hudson Health Systems, NY

“We have been using WeCare Connect to touch base with our newly hired employees, for over a year now, and WOW! The immediacy of the information we receive allows us to have a very quick response to the new employee's feedback, whether positive or negative. We've been able to reach out to employees and solicit their input and ideas and have made changes to our training and orientation, based completely on their feedback. This allows them to KNOW that their opinion is very important to us. We are getting ready to launch the additional service to employees who have left our organization, as we believe that through understanding why some people leave, we can make it better for those that remain with us. We want to be an employer of choice, and WeCare Connect helps us meet that goal!”

Laura Bentley, Corporate Director of Human Resources
Ohio Masonic Home, OH

“We have found WeCare Connect to be a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for our staff surveys. We simply upload a file of hires (or terminations) and they do the rest. Our connection rates average 87%, in part because they reach out to employees via email, text, and phone. They send us email notifications immediately on any negative comments allowing us the opportunity to follow up with the employee and often times salvage the relationship. I initially questioned the fact that survey responses are not anonymous; however, it hasn’t kept employees from sharing their opinions at all. I really like that we know exactly who is saying what, so we can go have a conversation about the person’s feedback—they feel like we’re listening more, and we’re hearing a LOT more from our new hires than ever before.”

Pam Loveless, HR Director & Corporate Compliance Officer
St. Camillus, WI

“We were very concerned about employees not being truthful in their responses. They were used to confidential surveys with another vendor - so we were very upfront about the survey not being confidential. We began by telling our employees that we know that there are going to be hard conversations, but the only way we can truly resolve their issues and concerns is to have great dialogue with them one on one. We have had really dynamic and heartfelt conversations and have been readily able to change or fix concerns that were happening with a particular employee. We want to make sure our employees have a long career here. WeCare Connect is helping us achieve that goal.”

Loretta Neal, Strategic Human Resources Business Partner
The Village at Gainesville, a SantaFe Senior Living Community, FL

“WeCare Connect has been instrumental in allowing us to quickly provide feedback to our managers about their new hire experiences. Through the multiple survey methods, automated reporting, and easy-to-use support tools, we are achieving connection rates in excess of 85%. This feedback is invaluable to us and our ability to address individual employee concerns.”

Erin Sanders, VP of Human Resources
Evergreen Retirement Community, WI

“We started using WeCare Connect in April 2018. The implementation and startup was unbelievably easy. We had a one-hour setup meeting and another thirty-minute training and then we were up and running. I have never experienced an easier implementation. The feedback from our employees is immediate, and the solution has a very user-friendly resolution module that allows us to record and track the action taken to address the employee concerns. So far, we are very impressed with this solution.”

Frances Beltran, VP of Human Resources
Methodist Retirement Communities, TX

“We love the immediate results provided from WeCare Connect. Because the surveys are not anonymous, the feedback provides actionable data, allowing us to directly impact resident satisfaction. Using WeCare Connect, we were able to achieve higher connection rates than previous paper surveys we have used.”

Cara Hillenbrand, Corporate Compliance & QAPI Coordinator
Moravian Hall Square, PA

“When our organization began using WeCare Connect, our leadership team wasn’t quite sure about how this new tool would be any different from other employee surveys. Our employees’ expectation was that it was a typical confidential survey where not much really changed despite their comments, questions, or concerns. Of course, they were wrong. As supervisors began receiving responses from their employees, our HR team guided them to connect with their staff and build relationships. This wasn’t just an “HR-initiative” where HR managed the process as a silo. The expectation was that supervisors use this as a tool to connect with their staff, build relationships, make changes for the good, and increase employee engagement and retention. Employees actually saw that some action was taken based on their survey comments. Our culture has seen improvement, and our employees are getting what they need to make our organization a place they want to be long-term. Thank you, WeCare Connect!”

Denise Bilyeu, Director of Human Resources
Shalom Park, CO

“The feedback we have received has been invaluable. It is nice to know we are truly helping our rehab patients by monitoring their recovery progress. We appreciate knowing the areas where we can improve as an organization.”

Ashley Bormann, Administrator
Bethesda Willmar, MN

“We have been a customer of WeCare Connect for over a year and we are extremely happy with the product. We love how we can customize the program to fit our needs based on which questions we want to ask, report writing options, and the ability to connect with our employees through both email and phone. Because the surveys are ongoing through out the year, we get immediate feedback, and are empowered to address employee concerns quickly. Our HR department can now help individual supervisors determine which areas need support, and which areas need congratulations. There is a reporting dashboard that shows us at a glance what the current health of the organizations is, and even helps us identify areas where employees are potentially ready to resign, and where they are most likely to stay. They help us achieve our goal of retaining employees by creating a workplace where we show our employees that we care. Their customer service and customization are unmatched by other similar products; we will be customers for years to come.”

Christopher Nichols, Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer
The Wesley Communities, OH

“We implemented a big change during the COVID-19 crisis, thanks to feedback we received from WeCare Connect Employee Surveys. A new employee expressed in their survey that they were stressed from the impact of wearing full PPE, having to change their PPE between caring for each resident, and not having enough staff. This employee's feedback allowed us to address these key concerns and to provide more staffing and a higher wage - which helped us retain our employees during this stressful time.”

Robyn Harris, Human Resources Leader
Meadowlark, KS

“We rely greatly on the feedback WeCare Connect provides. Not only does it give us valuable customer service feedback, but we also receive important clinical information quickly, helping our staff ensure that patients are receiving appropriate post-discharge services. We also use the WeCare Connect monthly reports to communicate with staff about how they are perceived by our patients. This is important because people who use our facility often provide word of mouth reviews to their friends and relatives. If we didn't have the information that WeCare Connect provides, we wouldn't be as well-equipped to make timely, appropriate 'course corrections' in how we provide care. WeCare Connect has been a great addition to our public relations/marketing program, even beyond what we anticipated. Not surprisingly, we are very pleased that we signed on as a client.”

Allen Brown, Executive Director 
The Nathaniel Witherell, CT

“The WeCare Connect surveys allow us the opportunity to check in and see how we’re doing as an agency throughout the home health episode of care. It lets the patients/families know we are committed to meeting their needs. While the clinical staff are primarily focused on meeting the physical needs we can assess whether the patients feel they are being heard, if their time is respected, if they are learning to care for themselves, and in the end will they recommend us to others.

The WeCare Connect surveys involve our patients/families in quality improvement by asking questions like ‘is there anything you would have liked us to do differently’ and ‘are you satisfied with the staff?’ These questions have led us to changing policies/processes in a way that benefits the patient.”

Lynn Maurer, Executive Director
Wellspring Lutheran Services Home Health & Hospice, MI

“Here at Tabitha, we've loved the opportunity that WeCare Connect has given to us - for our new TEAMembers it has given them an avenue to share feedback and in turn, we have been able to keep a pulse on their onboarding experience and make adjustments as necessary. This has ultimately impacted our employee turnover rates. Since implementing this in August 2018, our new hire turnover (less than 90 days) has decreased 9%! That makes a significant impact in our overall engagement and culture.”

Robin Schoettlin, Director of Workforce Development
Tabitha, NE

“Our managers and supervisors love the employee feedback and are able to immediately address issues with them. This helps us greatly with employee satisfaction and retention.”

Laurie Johnson, VP of Human Resources
John Knox Village, MO

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